The Adjustable, Full Body Roller.

✓ Fits any body type ✓ For any muscle need

Meet HellaRoller

Wheel style rollers feel flimsy and unstable. HellaRoller is solid and stable, allowing you to get effective pain relief where you need it.

Why roll with HellaRoller?


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HellaRoller vs. Other Rollers

You’ve probably seen or used other rollers before. But nothing provides personalised pain relief like HellaRoller. Learn what makes HellaRoller so much more effective than anything you’ve seen before.

Which HellaRoller Wheel is Right for You?

Sore back? Tight hamstrings? Joint pain? Learn which HellaRoller Wheel is right for you. Or, just get all three and have ultimate pain relief flexibility.

Holds Up To 300 LBS

This isn't one of those weak rollers made out of sewer pipe!

Adjustable to Custom Fit Any Back!

Adjust it to fit any back, then feel the crack!

Stability Helps You Crack Effortlessly

Adjust the width of HellaRoller to provide maximum stability while rolling.

How it works

Adjust the patented 4-step expandable core to fit your back, then feel the crack! HellaRoller also allows you to change wheel types providing you with a completely customized roll. Watch the video then order your HellaRoller today!

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Do you have a pain area or sore muscle that you just can't quite reach? HellaRoller adjusts to your body, helping you to "hit that spot" in a satisfying way.