Meet HellaRoller. The World's Most Effective Back Pain Relief!

HellaRoller is an adjustable, full body roller designed to fit any body type and any muscle need, giving you the most personalized, effective pain relief available.

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Simply the best roller I've ever used. Hellaroller fixed my back problems! -- Mike M. Las Vegas Nevada

HellaRoller is the worlds most advanced back roller

Holds Up To 300 LBS

This isn't one of those weak rollers made out of sewer pipe!

Adjustable to Custom Fit Any Back!

Adjust it to fit any back, then feel the crack!

Stability Helps You Crack Effortlessly

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Why HellaRoller?

Cracks your back more effortlessly and effectively than any roller available today. Customize your roll with our patented 4-step expandable core and extension wheels.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I'm a tri-athlete. HellaRoller fits in my carry on and is easy to use when traveling. I love it!"
— - Ken F. Utah
Customer reviews
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