How do I use HellaRoller™? 

Please see our How To page for videos and information about how to use HellaRoller.  


What makes HellaRoller different from other foam rollers?

HellaRoller is the only muscle roller on the market that you can customizes to fit the width of your back. You can also interchange different roller wheel types on our patented expandable core. To make it even cooler, you can add expansion wheels to infinitely expand the roller to fit all your rolling needs. Check out this video for a full demonstration of our patented muscle rolling technology. 


Why is HellaRoller better than basic yoga rollers?

Did you know that the plastic core of most yoga rollers is made out of sewer pipe? True story! When you lay on that glorified sewer pipe, flexing it continually, it eventually breaks. But here’s the worst part: that flex is preventing you from getting an optimal roll! 

The HellaRoller was designed with a patented spoke-and-wheel system to prevent flexing and breaking.The result? A comfortable and confident roll that cracks your back unlike anything you’ve felt before. 


I hate falling off my yoga roller! Does the HellaRoller fix that problem?

YES! Like most people, you’ve probably fallen over using a thin, basic four- to five-inch yoga roller. The HellaRoller’s expandable core (image or video) allows you to set the width, giving you more stability. That stability gives you confidence that you’ll stay on the roller. That confidence allows you to relax your back muscles, resulting in more “pops” and pain relief. Pretty cool, right? 


Do you plan to offer different types of roller wheels and sizes in the future? 

Yes and yes! Stay tuned for more on that. 


How much weight can the HellaRoller hold? 

The HellaRoller is rated up to 300 lbs because it is made of an incredibly strong and high quality (but lightweight) glass nylon composite material. 


When will expansion wheels be available as an add on purchase?



Is HellaRoller available on Amazon? 

Funny, because your mom asked the same question. Nope, but it will be in the near future. 

How do I return my HellaRoller?

Why would you want to do that! Okay, fine. If you want to return your HellaRoller, please visit our returns page.  

Do you sell my data?

Nope. Visit our privacy policy page for more information.

How do I unsubscribe from your email list? 

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Do you sell HellaRoller at other websites or in retail locations?

Currently the HellaRoller is only available at

Where can I find out more about HellaRoller’s patents and trademarks?

Please visit our patents and trademarks page for more information on this topic.